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About GoSolarPros

About GoSolarPros

Our Company

The company GoSolarPros are energy professionals in California. One that empowers individuals and businesses to get control of their energy costs.

We do this by providing a customized energy solution that fits each customer’s needs unlike most other companies cookie cutter solutions. Our goal is to provide the best solution for each customer with a unique and through evaluation of their energy needs.

We do this by working only with top quality teams. We also do this by representing and using the best quality solar products and LED lighting equipment.

About GoSolarPros

Our Mission

Our intention is to provide high value, competitively priced solar and lighting installations that give our customers their own power plants for the future.

Thus enabling them to save money, go green and give them control of their energy needs for themselves, their community and the country. The business objective is to show and provide services that are excellent investments for our customers. These same investments will provide our business, employees and energy consultants with a rewarding and fruitful practice.

We want to create a working environment where safety is priority, customer satisfaction is paramount and each employee and energy consultant is respected.

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I'm very happy with the Solar solution designed and installed by Gosolarpros on my house…, but at the end of the day, the personal touch and the significant price advantage offered by GoSolarPros resulted in my choosing to use their services….I would highly recommend going solar and would definitely recommend GoSolarPros as my vendor of choice.

— Emanoel D., San Jose