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Nov 18, 2016

On October first PG&E finalized the transition from 5 tiers to 3 tiers in the most widely use E1 residential rate tariff. That is what most people have if they do not have an older rate that is no longer offered or a time of use rate (TOU) which had the same change from 5 to 3 tiers but different rates, depending on the time of day. What has happened is the old tier 2 and 3 are combined to a new tier 2 and the new tier 3 is now the top tier replacing old tier 4/5. 

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Aug 22, 2016

Recently PG&E change the most basic of their residential rate structures: The tiered levels you buy energy at. Previously for many years they had 5 tiers with the bottom tier being referred to as the base tier. The base tier is the 'basis' for how the other tiers were determined and when you jumped into a higher tier and paid more for electricity. There are a number of territories within PG&E and how much power you get each day in the base tier is dependent on that territory map.  

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Dec 01, 2015

The coal industry seems to be having a rough week between major US banks vowing to reduce their support for coal mining and the focus on renewable energy at the the Paris climate talks. CNBC is even asking if the climate talks are the nail in the coffin for coal mining. We're pretty sure dirty power is not going away. We're also pretty sure that it will continue it's pattern of becoming more expensive from year to year. If Government subsidies provided to coal were matched for renewable energy, dirty power would already be a thing of the past.  

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Nov 30, 2015

Two major projects regarding solar power have been announced at the international climate talks in Paris this week. Definitely an exciting moment for solar power on the world stage.  

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Nov 19, 2015

Changes to the federal tax credit for solar power systems, and changes to the way utilities compensate solar homeowners suggest that the cost of waiting could be as high as 35%. If you're interested in solar power, going solar sooner rather than later would be a wise move - but you don't have to take our word for it.  

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Jul 20, 2015

The California Public Utilities Commission voted on Friday July 3 to change the rules on solar installations already in place and to allow the large public utilities to modify their rate structures. This rate structure ‘adjustment’ has been in the works for years. For example PG&E has 5 tiers which they charge customer based on how much they use and all based on the ‘Baseline’ tier. This Baseline Tier is going up and the other 4 tiers are being consolidated into two tiers. For some large power users their bill will go down not doing anything but for everyone the baseline will go up. What does this mean for solar? If you are buying solar now you are getting an average cost of electricity of $0.08-0.10/kWh over the 25 year warranty of the solar panels. If you are buying a lease your power cost is more like $0.17/kWh.  

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