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LED Lighting

LED Lights

LED lighting is the future of the lighting industry that is here today for today's lighting needs and will be what we use instead of CFLs and Metal Halide.

The problem for the most part is that most commercial fixtures, other then screw in type A bulbs, are not easy to retrofit with a change of bulb but rather is a lighting system and requires a special LED retrofit to see the amazing energy savings and quality of light that an LED fixture will provide. Some bulbs are screw in and can be easily retrofitted. These can be done by the homeowner and should be done on a light by light basis. For commercial lighting it is often most cost effective to do the entire lighting or large portions of it, at one time, like a parking lot for example. The saving can be dramatic and there are rebates as well so that often it pays for the change in a year or two.

LED lighting is superior to most other lighting types for color rendering and safety lighting needs. Studies have shown that LED lighting is a more 'secure' form of lighting and makes sense both economically and visually.

LED Lighting in OfficeThis makes LED lighting retrofit for outdoor safety and security situations a must and we specialize in helping businesses make that conversion. Interior lighting can also be done for replacement of incandescent and florescent lighting needs.

The energy savings over Mercury Halide and High Pressure Sodium lights is phenomenal and payback is often immediate. Funding and installation is available as are currently cash rebates from major utilities in most cases.

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