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Getting Started

We’ll take care of your entire solar project from start to finish in a few simple steps.

Step 1

Step 1: Free Project Review and Design

  • We do initial phone consultation & get your energy usage
  • If interested, then we set up site visit and give you proposal
  • It may require further analysis on the roof for site measurements
Step 2

Step 2: Review of Solutions & Design Options

  • We develop further initial system proposal to tailor to your needs
  • If requested, we present design options and cost options
  • We give you a price guarantee: We will match a price, if we are given a valid written proposal from another reputable solar installer for like system
Step 3

Step 3: Sign Your Customize Solution Agreement

  • We can send you Docusign agreement or get your signature in person
  • We can collect deposit with credit card, check or cash
  • If requiring finance, we will work with you on various finance options to secure funding
Step 4

Step 4: Set Date for Site Survey

  • Once signed, if deemed necessary, we will arrange for our installation team to complete a site visit for detailed measurements and photos
  • This may have been done before signing, to assure on tight roofs that we can install what we say we can
  • Once done, a fully detailed plan set is prepared and approved by you before getting a permit from your area building department
Step 5

Step 5: Install System

  • Once a permit is issued we will start installation at a date determined
  • Installation usually takes about a week, depending on the size of the system and its complexity. Sometime as little as a couple of days is needed
  • We arrange for the permit inspection and let you know the schedule of completion
Step 6

Step 6: Turn on Your System

  • When done and permit approved, our installation team will show you the operation of the system and how to turn it on and operate a system
  • We have to get permission to operate (PTO) from the utility before the system can permanently be turned on. This sometimes takes a week but often only a couple of days
  • You will now have a special billing with the utility call NEM; we will assist you to be a happy and proud solar homeowner and understanding your utility bill

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I'm very happy with the Solar solution designed and installed by Gosolarpros on my house…, but at the end of the day, the personal touch and the significant price advantage offered by GoSolarPros resulted in my choosing to use their services….I would highly recommend going solar and would definitely recommend GoSolarPros as my vendor of choice.

— Emanoel D., San Jose