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Getting Started

We’ll take care of your entire solar project from start to finish in a few simple steps.

Step 1

Step 1: Free Project Review and Design

  • We do initial phone consultation & get your energy usage
  • If interested, then we set up site visit and give you proposal
  • It may require further analysis on the roof for site measurements
Step 2

Step 2: Review of Solutions & Design Options

  • We develop further initial system proposal to tailor to your needs
  • If requested, we present design options and cost options
  • We give you a price guarantee: We will match a price, if we are given a valid written proposal from another reputable solar installer for like system
Step 3

Step 3: Sign Your Customize Solution Agreement

  • We can send you Docusign agreement or get your signature in person
  • We can collect deposit with credit card, check or cash
  • If requiring finance, we will work with you on various finance options to secure funding
Step 4

Step 4: Set Date for Site Survey

  • Once signed, if deemed necessary, we will arrange for our installation team to complete a site visit for detailed measurements and photos
  • This may have been done before signing, to assure on tight roofs that we can install what we say we can
  • Once done, a fully detailed plan set is prepared and approved by you before getting a permit from your area building department
Step 5

Step 5: Install System

  • Once a permit is issued we will start installation at a date determined
  • Installation usually takes about a week, depending on the size of the system and its complexity. Sometime as little as a couple of days is needed
  • We arrange for the permit inspection and let you know the schedule of completion
Step 6

Step 6: Turn on Your System

  • When done and permit approved, our installation team will show you the operation of the system and how to turn it on and operate a system
  • We have to get permission to operate (PTO) from the utility before the system can permanently be turned on. This sometimes takes a week but often only a couple of days
  • You will now have a special billing with the utility call NEM; we will assist you to be a happy and proud solar homeowner and understanding your utility bill

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What Our Clients Are Saying

GoSolarPros installed a 7kw PV system at my home in Blackhawk about six months ago. The process went smoothly and I was very pleased with the professionalism of everyone I dealt with. They handled all coordination with my HOA, PG&E, and the county building permit center. The equipment has been working great and I'm very happy I had it installed I would not hesitate to recommend GoSolarPros!

— Tim J.