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Small Residential Solar Systems

2kW Solar Program

The cost of solar is within reach of most households. For example, we offer a 2-3 kW system (thats 2000-3000w of power production) for the equivalent of a small compact car. When you factor in the Federal tax credit of 30% that you will get back on your next year's taxes, the cost is very low. When combined with a PACE or credit union loan, the upfront cost can be zero and the monthly payment is often less then what you pay the utility. 

This 2-3kW PV System is:

  • Between 8-10 panels on the roof
  • It will produce about 3,500 to 4,500 kWh a year. 
  • located in the best solar area on your roof

For a typical California home, that’s about half or less of the total electricity used. Some families use less and some  more depending on their lifestyle and where they live. This system replaces the most expensive utility power due to pricing tiers with the large utilities. For homes that use more and the replacement is a partial reduction of their total use, this replacement/investment is the best return on investment because it is gets rid of the highest tiers, leaving you buying the lower cost power at the lowest tiers or at night time if you have time of use rate (TOU). We can expanded the system in the future for more power or as your use grows. Or, we can design the system to replace all or most of your power, depending on the use, the house, and surrounding conditions such as trees and shade. We will customize the system to your budget, energy target and what you used previously in the last year.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

GoSolarPros installed a 7kw PV system at my home in Blackhawk about six months ago. The process went smoothly and I was very pleased with the professionalism of everyone I dealt with. They handled all coordination with my HOA, PG&E, and the county building permit center. The equipment has been working great and I'm very happy I had it installed I would not hesitate to recommend GoSolarPros!

— Tim J.