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Why GoSolarPros?

We believe the customer is our top priority. This means giving you the best solar PV system at the best price.

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Own your solar PV system

  • Own, Don’t lease or PPA
  • 30% Federal Tax Credit is yours
  • No money down Solar Loans available
  • Pay less each month then utility

Why sign a 20 or 25 year lease or PPA (power purchase agreement) when you can get a system installed with us and take a solar loan that offers similar monthly payments as those long term agreements but gives you much more flexibility over time to pay off the loan. Also, there are no escalators or ‘end of term’ buyout questions and no issues of transferring of agreement when you want to sell your house. When you own your system you get the 30 % Federal tax credit and with most solar loans that are funded with a home improvement loan, you can also deduct the interest on your taxes each year.

We show you the finance options and discuss with you the best way to get solar on your home.

Solar Home


Our company is owned by solar veterans that know how solar works and how to best evaluate your home for solar.

We have experienced installers who have installed solar for years, done many systems successfully and have satisfied customers to testify to their quality of workmanship.


We are focused on keeping our costs for systems at the lowest end of the market for solar installation. We stand by our pricing and quality of components. Our selection of components is based on value, performance and monitoring. We also look for the best warranties available, with most components used having 25 year warranties. Our price guarantee: if you can present us with a written proposal, we will match it if it is a viable proposal.

Our business model minimizes expensive overhead and allows us to pass the savings on to customers with lower prices.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

I'm very happy with the Solar solution designed and installed by Gosolarpros on my house…, but at the end of the day, the personal touch and the significant price advantage offered by GoSolarPros resulted in my choosing to use their services….I would highly recommend going solar and would definitely recommend GoSolarPros as my vendor of choice.

— Emanoel D., San Jose